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Ban Sen Juku - Masakatsu Dojo Leuven

The Ban Sen Juku branch in Leuven was founded in 1992 by Tomita sensei and a few faithful students. Sensei Wim Van Laer (5th Dan) was drawn to the aikido mastery of Tomita sensei and joined the group in October 1993. In september 2001, Wim sensei took over the daily management and the practical organisation of the dojo. The dojo has to date a steady growth, thanks to the effort of Tomita sensei and a solid core of motivated aikidoka who, through practice, constantly endeavour to expand the legacy of Ban Sen Juku. In 2010, the dojo was named MASAKATSU DOJO, after O Sensei's motto:

(True Victory is Self-victory – Day of Swift Victory!)


In our Masakatsu Dojo, we welcome all ages, starting from 10 years old.
In Aikido practice, we learn physical techniques to improve coordination, posture, awareness, movement skills, in a fun and relaxing way. However we always emphasise the Martial aspects by teaching: mental and physical preparation, ukemi or falling safely, control and throwing techniques, Jo and Boken training (stick and wooden sword) and Iaido – the Art of Sword Drawing.


Although the teaching of Iaido is part of the practice in Ban Sen Juku, we don’t emphasise on it. Those wanting to specialise or get a higher understanding of ‘The Art of Drawing of the Sword’, can find a complete education in our friendly school GETSURINKAI which is the local dojo of the traditional sword school Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu.

Please contact Getsurinkai for information and before visiting their dojo.

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